3rd Annual Street Fair

On Sunday, August 27th 11am-6pm we will have our 3rd Annual Street Fair (from Carleton Avenue to Harrison Avenue).   If you are interested in being a vendor (Having a table at the event), please contact Steve Foray at s4ainsures@gmail.com  and put STREET FAIR in the subject line.  We are awaiting the applications from the street fair company, but please reserve your spot with Steve Foray today.

We need raffle prizes for the event!  If anyone can donate a prize, let me know.   If anyone would like to help the committee the meetings will be held at Shandon Court on Tuesday August 15th at 7pm and Tuesday August 22nd at 7pm. 

Thank you and have a great day!

Fireworks and More!

Come see the fireworks tonight at the East Islip Fire Department Carnival, It’ll be a great weekend to enjoy it as well. Bring friends and family, and support our Volunteers. Runs now through Sunday at Brookwood Hall in East Islip
August 27th Annual Street Fair
Reminder, New time and location for general meetings
American Legion Hall Four S Post 1635 East Islip (Corner of Bayview Avenue and Main Street)

Stop and Save Beverage

Please join our newest member, Stop and Save Beverage on Main Street in East Islip Saturday, June 3rd from 12 to 4 pm. They are celebrating their 15th anniversary with a Customer Appreciation Day in gratitude for the support of their customers. They are having giveaways, raffles, and beer tastings!

AARP Volunteer Introduction Event

On May 11 at  the Bayard Cutting Arboretum, AARP will be hosting a Volunteer Introduction event. They will discuss volunteer opportunities and member activities in our community. There will be 2 sessions, one at 10:00 am, and one at 1:00 p. At this session, you can register as a volunteer for AARP, after the session you can enjoy the park and the Art Show at the Annex.
To register and attend, call 1-877-926-8300