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Tellurium Dioxide

  • Tellurium Dioxide
  • Tellurium Dioxide
Tellurium DioxideTellurium Dioxide

Tellurium Dioxide

  • Product ID:100002804
  • Form: powder
  • purity:2N5~7N
  • Shelf time:2014-12-20 13:09:30
  • Product description: Tellurium Dioxide

Product Name:Tellurium Dioxide

The atomic weight:159.60

Purity: 99.99%, 99.99999%。Aluminum, calcium, copper, lead impurities total content of less than 10ppm。

Uses: mainly used for the preparation of titanium dioxide single crystal, infrared devices, acoustic devices, infrared window materials, electronic components and preservatives.

Product packaging: polyethylene bottle packaging

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